Terms of Service

"Aarogyapath.in" is a web based healthcare platform created and maintained by M/s Sarvodaya Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Before using Aarogyapath.in, you are requested to carefully read the terms and conditions of the agreement as below. Please note that the use of this website implies that you agree with the usage policies of this website. Once you become a registered member of Aarogyapath.in, you would be automatically entering into a contract and that you have read and accepted the agreement, which will apply to your use of this website. The agreement between the user and this website may be subjected to changes any time without any prior notice. These changes, if any, in future course of time, shall come into force as soon as they are updated on the website. Therefore it is suggested that, as a user, you may keep yourself updated with these changes on a regular basis. If you do not agree with the contract, you may not access or use the website. Aarogyapath.in as a platform provides connect between the customers with specific healthcare needs and the suppliers who can supply products to fulfil those needs. However once customer is connected with the desired supplier, our role as coordinator finishes off and the sole responsibility for supplying the required material in satisfactory form lies on the supplier. M/s Sarvodaya Infotech Pvt. Ltd. will, in no way be responsible or a party to any dispute arising out of non fulfilment or faulty fulfilment of customers’ needs or any default on the customers’ part. For the purpose of use of this Forum, the term ‘user’ shall mean and include manufacturers, suppliers, customers from different identified categories and any visitor, whether individual or a legal entity, who access this website any content or information provided on the Forum. At certain places, the term ‘user’ and ‘you’ have been used interchangeably. The content of the pages of this website is for use of registered users and general public and for general information only; it is subject to change without any prior notice.

Protection Of Details Of Users Account

Each User will, consistently, be liable for keeping up the classification of its record including secret key and different qualifications to forestall any unapproved and unauthorized access or movement through the client's record. User will be answerable for all exercises that happen under its record or password. User should ensure that the password is kept confidential and secure and ought to inform Aarogyapath.in promptly if there is reason to believe that the user's record subtleties or qualifications have been taken, utilized in an unapproved way or otherwise compromised. User warrants that the information provided during enrolment is accurate and complete in every way and inform Aarogyapath.in quickly of any progressions in the User Profile data that were originally provided at the time of enlistment. Under all circumstances, the user will engage with and utilize the administrations of the Forum just for the purpose of transaction and acquisition of basic goods related to healthcare domain in India and not for any other reason or purpose, in case of contradiction of any or all of these conditions by the user, Aarogyapath.in maintains all authority to deny the user, the access to the website, end records, evacuate or alter content anytime without prior notice to the user. Further to this, if at any time the registered user is found to be involved in spurious activities on this platform, Aarogyapath.in maintains all authority to suspend the account of the user without any prior notice and in such cases the liability to prove worthiness to be registered on this platform will remain on user.